Birthday and Website Plans

So my birthday is tomorrow and for my birthday, I’m aiming for two things.

One is to get a chicken and parrot stream going so you can watch my birds from this website.

With the help of my friend Jay (who also built this website for me), we’re going to hack some Wyze cams and set them up around the property and stream directly to Twitch or Youtube. Then we just gotta embed the stream in the site and VOILA, chicken cam!

The other is to get a Yamaha keyboard so I can finally get back into playing piano. It’s been over a decade since I last played and I figure that’s enough of a break. I’d like to do music again.

One of many late night brain farts from the past two years. Featuring Quincy -definitelynotacringyinsert- and Zib, Tracy Butler’s triangular trash man.

Working on Lackadaisy relit my appetite for jazz. I played from 6 to 18, then left for college and didn’t touch keys again. Some combination of it being just what was expected of me and not being very engaged with what I was playing discouraged personal exploration. But I did enjoy a handful of pieces, all more contemporary and jazz or jazz-like. Syncopated rhythms and more emotional notation in stuff like Gershwin and Satie and ragtime. Finding Ludovico Einaudi’s work set a wick in my candle a while back too.

So on the advice of my audio buddy, I’m searching again.

Both projects are up for funding on my ko-fi. So if you want to throw me a few bucks to see either of those things happen, then I promise to return it with some entertainment. Even if it’s just me playing really poorly. Not aiming to be a professional (I already made one passion my career, I don’t need two). Just looking for fun and hoping some people along the way enjoy it too.