Today in internet hell

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This year’s Halloween Werewolf Shenanigans as part of the ever swirling reality warp that is my work on Lackadaisy: The Animated Short.

Obligatory Chicken Post

Welcome Creeps!

Hey anyone coming in from my various social media accounts! This is my new website. Excuse the dust right now, but I will be posting art and essays here shortly. I’ll also be using it as a sort of aggregate of my work across social media, so you can catch up on cross posts and art that exists more exclusively in certain corners of the internet.

Be forewarned, since this is my personal website, I might post weirder stuff than you’ll find in more manicured areas of the internet. I’m a horror, biology, and indie art appreciator, so tend to enjoy things that are a bit more marginal or rough around the edges when I do a piece. Umbagog in particular. But otherwise, if you appreciate my writing, tips, and diagonally aligned sense of humor, you might have fun here.

Thanks for showing up and remember to bookmark this website to check in the future!